donderdag 2 augustus 2012

Home: Flos mini teca lamp

I am a big fan of combining super modern with old things and as I already told you before, I am also a big fan of bel jars. So, when I stumbled across these lamps from Flos, designed by Ron Gilad, I was an instant fan. They have different versions called "Victorian Grandeur" and "Renaissance Cupola".
They are also quite affordable for something design (88 euro here). So far, I am still undecided where I should place it in my house, but if I find the right spot (would love to place this on a nice bookshelf) I will definitely click this beauty home!

Lamp: Flos mini teca Victorian Grandeur/ Renaissance Cupola

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Ben ze tegengekomen tijdens mijn stage. Interieurarchitect had net een ontwerp klaar en deze stonden er ook in! Ze zijn echt super leuk!

    Liefs A.

  2. Wow those are beautiful lamps!!! I would love to add one to my living room for sure. Wonder if they're available in the U.S. though.


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