vrijdag 30 september 2011

Runway: Isabel Marant SS 2012

I really anticipated towards this SS 2012-show. The weird thing is, when I see a show from Isabel Marant I don't go crazy, I look at it and think "nice, but I liked last time more" then I look again and again and I see details, I see shapes and suddenly I start to like it more and more.
The colours are very marine-ish, a lot of red white and blue, also some faded colours, tie dye and damaged effects, which give it a very cool and edgy look, like Balmain also does.
She has put some classic elements in her collection like her famous knitwear, a trophy jacket and printed pants. Also she really played with shapes, like this amazing vest above with pointy shoulders and some amazing embellishment (I want this in my closet!!!!!), would love to see that one IRL and I wonder if there will be a long sleeved version too. Some shapes and prints kinda looked like the Celine collection, which I liked, but it was a little bit too much for everyday wear, but Isabel Marant translated this look in a wearable version. We can also see that next summer thin strappy sandals will be the trend. The only thing I really didn't like where the baseball shirts and the patched jeans. Anyway, here are some screenshots with some nice looks, to see the entire show click HERE.

Isabel Marant SS 2012

zondag 25 september 2011

Outfit Farewell Sun

Today, I went with my boyfriend and his parents dog for a long walk. The weather was amazing and I was able to get my last rays of sunlight before my winter-paleness will set-in. I love how the light falls through my acne blouse, this beauty will definitely will be among my favorites next summer!

blouse: Acne
shorts: Zara (cut off)
purse: Balenciaga
scarf: Missoni
Ring: YSL
shoes: All Stars

Isabel Marant jacket collection: #1 the Flana jackets

I get a lot of questions from people about my Isabel Marant jacket collection. How many jackets do I have and if I could make pictures from my collection. So I decided for the coming weeks to do a new sunday item: Isabel Marant jacket collection.
I start off with the jacket that started everything: the blue Flana jacket. When I saw this jacket on net-a-porter in 2010 I totally fell in love, but I couldn't find it anywhere, so I stalked ebay for months and months, one time I lost an auction the last 3 seconds. So when I saw this jacket on a buy-it-now ad on ebay I danced around the room because I was so happy! Later, I also got the chance to buy the light colored one and although it was a little bit crazy I decided to take the plunge and I am happy about it.
I read in a interview with Isabel Marant her inspiration for this jacket was Captain Hooks embellished jacket, so that probably also explains the ropes. Anyway here are some pics that show the amazing details even better!

Jackets: Isabel Marant Flana jacket SS 2010

to see all the posts about the Isabel Marant jacket collection click here

zaterdag 24 september 2011

Outfit: Fall has started

Today really felt like saying goodbye to summer, the first leaves were falling, but the weather was amazing! I even was able to remove my tights in the afternoon! I wore my daily uniform: jacket + simple top + skirt/skinny + ankle boots. A look that always makes me feel good! I really hate cold so for me it's always hard to see summer end. If I could I would leave holland now for a tropical Island and return in the spring...maybe one day...

Jacket: Isabel Marant
Top: Hema
Scarf: Gucci
Belt: Isabel Marant
Purse: Balenciaga
Skirt: Isabel Marant
Shoes: Mango

zondag 18 september 2011

Outfit: Hold your horses

After a extremely busy week (2 assistants who were ill and one on holiday) I definitely needed a easy saturday to load the batteries. So I woke up late, visited my grandfathers grave, my parents and grandmother. My battery is loaded again!
I was also finally able to shoot my new bordeaux Lexy jacket from Isabel Marant, which I've worn many times because it is super comfy, but never had a chance to shoot it. I also rediscovered this very old dress (about 4 years old) which matches great with bordeaux. It was one of my very few expensive clothes back then and it proofs that it was a good investment, I still love it! If you look from a distance you think this dress has a flower print, but up close, you can see they are horses. I just love small jokes or surprises in clothes!
And as I told before: animal + design = love!

PS: on farfetch the Isabel Marant Etoile Fred jacket is 230 euro instead of 320, size III is still available!

jacket: Isabel Marant Lexy jacket
dress: American Retro
purse: Balenciaga
shoes: Neill Barrett

zaterdag 17 september 2011

Crush: Aztec print

Aztec print

Everybody who reads this blog knows I am crazy about the Aztec/Ikat prints. They were always kinda rare to find, so I am very happy with my Zara coat, Sandro top and Asos poncho. But this season the Aztec-trend has exploded and I see big fashionhouses like Isabel Marant and Balmain picking up this amazing print. And that often means that other designers will pick up the trend and there will be a lot Aztec print available, yaay!
I especially love the Aztec prints from All Saints and Antik Batik (maybe.... if it hits the sale...)!

click on the picture to see where the items are from

donderdag 15 september 2011

Outfit: a touch of red

I love how a touch of red can make the most simple look a little bit more special. And sorry for the picture overload, I love pictures taken just before sunset, the light is so warm and not overwhelming the picture. And I finally wore my sandals again, bought them 5 years ago, but I never wear them, such a waste!

Boucle Jacket: Isabel Marant Vally jacket
Blouse: Sandro
Purse: Balenciaga
Jeans: H&M squin
Shoes: Prada
Glasses: Ray Ban Aviator

zondag 11 september 2011

Home: The Garden

Sometimes, I post a part of my house and this time it's my favorite part: the garden. This garden was actually the reason why we decided to buy this house. It is the perfect size for a city garden, sunny all day and perfect for my 2 bunny's. You won't be surprised it is their favorite place too! When I let them out in the morning, the first thing they do is run to the garden door and wait in front of it to go out, so cute! I also love this place because we did everything by ourselves, the design, placing the tiles (which were extremly heavy!!!)and planting the plants and figure out how to treat them. You can see how we started HERE. I can't wait until next year when all the plants have grown more. This weekend I even planted a tree in the back of the garden, so I can't wait till it gets bigger! It truly is our second livingroom and I will definetly miss spending my time here during winter.

Puk in his "guard dog" position in front of the garden doors

some bunny-kissing in the grass

Outfit: the perfect jacket, Isabel Marant Flana...

A while ago I got the chance, thanks to a lovely lady from the Purseforum, to also buy the light coloured flana jacket from Isabel Marant. I already own the dark blue one and love it to pieces. Somehow it felt weird to buy the same jacket as I already got the perfect one. But when I looked at the pictures over and over again I knew I would be angry at myself for letting this beauty pass. Because this jacket gives me the chance to wear the perfect jacket even more often!

kinda weird picture, but shows the jacket the best...

Jacket: Isabel Marant Flana jacket
T-shirt: Cos
Skirt: Sandro
Purse: Balenciaga
Shoes: Isabel Marant Dicker boots
Glasses: Ray Ban foldable Wayfarers

zaterdag 10 september 2011

Home: Missoni love...part 2

I already posted about Missoni clothes quite often. But I also love their home collection. It all started when I bought Rachel Zoe's "Style from A t Zoe" book in 2005. Back then I lived in a very crappy, but great appartment in the centre of Amsterdam and decided if I ever found my dream home, I really wanted to have some missoni home items there. So the last few months I have been looking for the perfect Missoni cushions, but none were as nice at the ones I saw on one of her pictures (which were not available anymore) So when I found these beauty's secondhand I was so happy, they are one size smaller but the exact same print, to me the perfect ones I had been wishing for for many years!

Cushion: Missoni home
Book: Style from A to Zoe

vrijdag 9 september 2011

Oufit: Basic Fall look

This outfit made me realise that my style has been quite consistent the last year, because all the items I wear are from last winter (or like my 6-year old Mulberry a lot older) Except for some extra pants and basic shirts, I can't say I really need something, which is a very good feeling, I can stick to buying things I absolutely want and I don't have to hurry and buy things that are just ok.

Jacket: Isabel Marant
Top: T by Alexander Wang
Pants: Zara
Shoes: Mango
Glasses: Ray Ban Foldable wayfarer

woensdag 7 september 2011

Crush: Isabel Marant Renell embroidered pants

I always have a hard time buying pants, I just rather spend my money on jackets, purses, scarves or cute skirts, because those items have something special. But for simple pants it is hard for me to spend even a few euro on them. So I always have the feeling I need more pants. Luckily Isabel Marant designed pants that do make my heart sing (I saw them in Paris and they look even better IRL), too bad they are very expensive. Maybe if they ever are with 70 % off I am the lucky owner of these pants!

maandag 5 september 2011

Outfit: Bordeaux/ Burgundy leather pants

How the weather can change in a few days... the only good thing about it is I can wear my new bordeaux/ wine red "leather" pants from Zara. It is easy to pair with grey's and of course black and white, but I think taupe also really works with this amazing fall colour.

Blouse: Acne
Top underneath: Hema
Pants: Zara
Purse: Balenciaga
Shoes: Isabel Marant Dicker boots
Glasses: Foldable Ray Ban Wayfarer
Ring: Fashionology
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