zondag 15 februari 2015

Happily ever after….NEW BLOG!!!!

 I am saying goodbye to my blog Toothfairy, a fashiontale, but hello to my new blog, Deco-Rush.com!

It will be slightly different from my old blog, as the last 1,5 years many things have changed.
Of course I got married and my life will soon undergo some big changes!
I wanted a more professional and grown-up blog that also reflects my new and wider interests.

The name deco-rush stands for my love to decorate in every part of my life. I just love to make everything around me more pretty, better and happier.
The content on my site will focus more on interior, lifestyle and family. But will still be focused on investing in amazing pieces, combined with affordable and DIY items. And of course outfit pictures!

On my new blog you can find a picture overload from my wedding, I also added some explanation who were my suppliers and how I arranged things. (note: none of my suppliers were sponsors!) I hope you like it! For me the day was magical.

We were also really happy with the team that made our wedding video from IamWeddingfilm I have been very hesitant about posting it, as it's so personal, but in the end I decided I want to share it with all the readers that came back after such a long time! you can see it here or on my new blog.

If you follow my blog through Bloglovin you don't have to change anything, within a few days it will automatically transferred to my new blog

maandag 30 september 2013

Sneakpeak: THE Weddingdress

As many of you have noticed I kinda lost my passion for blogging, but because I got so many request about showing my wedding (and especially the dress) I decided to dedicate 2 posts to that. Because I don't have the pictures yet I have assembled the rough material from our wedding video to show my dress and some details. It is quite slow to take in all the details, so sorry if it's a little bit boring! When searching for the dress I knew what I didn't want: a strapless princess dress, because that is what about 80% of the brides will wear.
The dress was actually the first thing I choose before all the other things required for a wedding, like a location, hehe. But that also made it very easy to design everything around the wedding dress.

My dress is from Jenny Packham and the style is the Azalea dress. It's very 20's/bohemian style, so I styled everything for the wedding around it. I didn't had a wedding planner and found all the decoration online or made it by myself. I wanted my wedding to be timeless and that in 10 or 20 years you would not recognize it as a typical style for that decade. I styled my hair together with my mother (who used to be a hairdresser) and did my own make-up (I wanted my make up as invisible as possible, so as less as possible)
 I wanted the flowers to look like field bouquets, so slightly messy and with flowers you can find in the nature. I wanted to get married outside in a forest surrounding (which is quite a risk when you live in a country that has so much rain) and in the end it was the hottest day of the year, so we were very lucky! The location where we got married wasn't an official wedding location, so we had to arrange it to become one and hired all the chairs, tables and glassware.
The wedding cake is designed by me and Petra from Cakeworks, and if you look close you see the same roses on the cake as on my wedding shoes ;) The music you hear is the piano version from "Heaven", which was played by a pianist when I walked down the aisle with my father.

After 9 months of planning this day became the most perfect day ever, even better that I hoped and I hope you all enjoy the details too!

dress: Jenny Packham Azalea dress

zaterdag 16 februari 2013

Home trend: Redyed rugs

Definitely on top of my wishlist, redyed rugs give your interior an instant splash of personality and color and you won't easily see spots/new damages on them. I especially like the patchwork version and would love to own one in this color. 

vrijdag 25 januari 2013

New Buy: Giuseppe Zanotti Wedding shoes!!!!

And this is why Malaysia was so special! During sunset my boyfriend proposed to me on the Malay beach. And one of the best things about getting married (for me) is dressing up, so it didn't took me long to find the perfect dress and shoes! The dress is by Jenny Packham and really the most beautiful dress I have ever seen. But I have to wait six months before it is finished, so for now I can only enjoy my Giuseppe Zanotti sandals, love, love, love them!

shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti

donderdag 24 januari 2013

Home: another Interior-loving Housemate

Lately my Pet life had his ups and downs, a while ago my dear bunny Puk passed away, but at an age of (almost) 11 I think I can't complain as rabbits are very sensitive animals. But still the loss is difficult. A few weeks before that I found out that my cat allergy isn't provoked by Siberian cats and after visiting the breeder en sniffing on fur samples for days I decided to take the chance. Just to be sure I have a "safe home" if suddenly my allergy gives problems, but so far everything is good. We named our little boy "Lev" a Russian name and it means "Lion".
It was always a dream to have a big red cat and I couldn't be happier. I found this really cool design cat lounge secondhand (from a cat food coupon action) and to my relief both my cat and bunnys love it! (They even lounge with the three of them together in the small space, so cute!)
I have several climbing tree's in my house that I created by myself as the average cat tree is really ugly or really expensive. Some cat lovers will definitely like this!

Cat lounge: Whiskas spaaractie

woensdag 26 december 2012

Outfit: Casual Christmas

This Christmas I wasn't in the mood for "difficult" clothes, so I opted for a casual comfy outfit with some silver details to still have a little bit of Christmas spirit!

Blazer: Proenza Schouler
Blouse: Katharine Hamnett
Coated jeans: Zara
Purse: Balenciaga
Shoes: Topshop
Bracelet: Louis Vuitton
Glasses: Ray Ban

zondag 16 december 2012

Home: The Christmas tree

I am a little bit late (probably because I still was in the Malaysia-mood) but I have finally put up my Christmas tree. I always love to decorate it with a bit more unconventional pieces, like the big "earring" inspired ornaments, feathers and fake blossom flowers. And yes, I like my tree overstuffed with as many things as possible! What color/style is your christmas tree?

I alway buy my christmas accesories after the Christmas season in the sale, so everything is from older seasons and not for sale in the stores anymore, but I got most of my decorations from the Bijenkorf and Global Garden in Heemstede
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